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"We are constantly working towards the highest level of Compliance possible" - Mike Davidson


The IRDSA is an Intermediary that officially started in 2013, operating as a juristic representative of Affinity Data Vault. Prior to obtaining their own FSP licence in 2016, the intermediary also underwent a name change.

We recognise individual insurance needs and work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that all their needs are met.


Hannelie Botha

Mrs. Hannelie Botha is currently the Corporate Governance and Compliance Manager and Director of IRDSA, as well as the Director of Administration and Operations of the Intermediary. Mrs. Botha started with the company in 2015 and brought with her numerous areas of specialisation such as; Corporate Governance, Leadership and Communication, Compliance and Strategic Business Planning. With the amount of experience and vast knowledge that she possessed, it did not take long for her roles and responsibilities to increase throughout the company such as becoming a Key Individual. In order to fulfill the role as a Key Individual of IRDSA, she went on the complete the RE5 and RE1 examinations.

Mrs. Botha obtained her MBA from the Management College of Southern Africa and her BA Political Sciences Degree from the University of Pretoria. She is also qualified in Project Management, Risk Management and is registered at the Compliance Institute of Southern Africa and the Institute of Directors SA. As a manager, she has over 20 years of experience in Government Services, Non-Profit Organisations and within the Private Sector. Her many years of experience have included roles within Compliance, Sustainability, Monitoring and Assurance, Executive Office Management, Statistical Profiling and Administrative Secretarial duties, CFO across various Companies and Governmental Departments.

Mrs. Botha’s commitment also extends to the community.Mrs. Botha assists students with writing their MBA Dissertations/Thesis’ at two prominent Business Colleges in her spare time.

Mrs. Botha ensures her Directorship and Managerial Duties are carried out independently and her in-depth expertise and knowledge ensures that all decisions made, affect the company positively.

Mandy Cronje

Mandy Cronje has been an Executive Manager for the past 6 years. She has extensive knowledge in the Financial Services Industry due to her 15 years of experience working in the industry. Her many years of experience hav given her the skills and knowledge that are needed in this competitive industry. Mrs. Cronje has used her experience to contribute to this company’s success and expansion. She ensures that the IRDSA incorporates a diligent, honest and dynamic work ethic and believes that the foundational elements that drive the Company’s Vision and Mission are honesty, perseverance and good governance.

As a Director of IRDSA, Mrs. Cronje has ensured that the Company follows industry specific statutory requirements and uses her experience in the fields of Investment, Compliance and Finance to fulfil the needs of clients and employees within the industry. Her Directorship has played a vital role in the strategic goals of the Company and her experience has lead the company to expand and become one of the leading Health Insurance Companies in Southern Africa.


IRDSA has now reached its third year of operation and we have worked hard to achieve success with keeping clients as the primary focus.

To meet demand, the team grew substantially throughout the year and we now have over 170 Sales Representatives, each ensuring that their clients receive the best possible service.Our commitment to fulfilling client’s insurance needs through high standards of professionalism, integrity and innovation resulted in us selling over 35 000 policies in 2017.

The journey to success has seen us embrace the highs and conquer the lows. However, the journey is not over and we will continue to deliver an experience to our clients that meettheir financial needs and eradicate the negative misconceptions associated with the insurance industry.

We strive to be the leading insurance brokerage for all South Africans by providing advice and intermediary services that are easy to comprehend and ensure insurance cover for our clients that are affordable. We aim to turn interested clients into lifelong members through experience and originality and we are dedicated to always caring for our clients in a fair, honest and ethically responsible manner.

I encourage you to browse through our website to keep updated with developments that are of interest to you. You can also contact us to obtain any further information that you may require.

Hannelie Botha